keep on keepin’ on

this past week i chatted with a couple of friends in the wedding/event industry. we were talking about the fact that our busy season is winding down, and trying to figure out what to do during the slower holiday season. one of my friends was feeling a little bit down in the dumps about having to take on freelance work with another business to keep money flowing in.

it’s a hard thing to work for someone else when you’ve committed yourself to being an entrepreneur. i mean, at some point you told “the man” to “take this job and shove it”, and now you’re having to say, “my bad, i need to come back for a couple of days, weeks… maybe a month or two, pretty please with sugar on top”. isn’t that a step backwards? i don’t think so.

lots of businesses fail, not because the idea is faulty, or the skills are lacking, or because they don’t work hard,  but because people run out of capital. let’s face it, you need cold, hard cash to buy supplies, ingredients, and to market yourself. you also need cold, hard cash to keep your house in order – rent/mortgage needs to be paid, lights need to stay on, and food needs to stay in the fridge. so it’s all about short-term sacrifice for long-term gain.

you become a small business owner, to fulfill a dream; not to stop working, but to control the way you work – who you work for, when you work, how you work. whether it’s your customers or someone else’s, you work for the customer and for reasons of your own choosing. what makes your dream a reality is your hard work.

i was reading  preston bailey’s blog, and this post resonated with me. the bottom line? keep on keepin’ on, even when you get discouraged, and/or broke 😉

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